Upon Death

We know that this is a difficult time. May Allah give you and your family patience and your loved ones forgiveness and Jannah, Insha Allah!

All you need to do is contact one of the following people and Insha'Allah we will take care of everything. But please do read the Basic Process if you can:

1. Shahriar Ahmed: 503 629 9587 (h); 503 516 8685 (c), 503 613 6053 (o)

2. Mostafa Arifin: 503 439 1307 (H), 503 330 6863 (c)

3. Athar Pasha: 503 709 7885 (c)

4. Sr. Faiza Kareem: 503 591 7935 (h)

Basic process:
1. We will call the cemetery ahead of time and give them a time of arrival
2. The Mayyat is transported to the Funeral Home and it is kept there until Ghusal.
3. Ghusal is performed at the Funeral Home as close to the Janaza prayer as possible.
4. Janaza prayer is perfomed at Masjid Sabr or Bilal Masjid.
5. We drive over to the Cemetery in Funeral Home transportation but in some cases, parents have elected to carry their deceased child with then in their cars.
6. PLEASE arrange for a minimum of $20 as a gift for the digger.
7. The services from the Cemetery are free but donations can be given to the Cemetery and is gladly accepted.

Funeral Home:
Young Funeral Home: 503.639.1306, talk to Mr. David or Christopher
Address: 11831 SW Pacific HWY, Tigard OR 97223
They will do washing accordingly - They will provide Death Certificate and Metal Tag

Please contact Masjid As-Sabr for Janaza.
Their phone number is 503.246.9160

Corvallis Masjid:
Imam Siala from Corvallis Masjid: 541.758.9116

Please call the Islamic Cemetery of Oregon at 541.757.1970
You can call up the following number also:
Phone :( 541) 758-0329

One thing, to dig the grave, you will need enough man-power. If you think you will get backhoe, please make sure that you get the permission from ICO. To rent the backhoe, please contact the following:

United Rentals
931 Reiman St
Corvallis, OR 97330
Ph- 541.754.1231

Direction to ICO from Portland:
Take I-5S
Take Corvallis/HWY 34 Exit
On the exit, take a right
Stay on this road – it will become Harrison
Stay on Harrison
Take a left on Walnut/53rd Street
Take a right on SW West Hills Road
Better Direction:

Direction from United Rental to Graveyard:
Come out of the store and take a left on the road
Take A right on Harrison
Take a left on Walnut/53rd Street
Take a right on SW West Hills Road