In keeping with the guiding principles of the City of Beaverton and our commitment to our neighbors of the Bilal Masjid to deter and prevent unauthorized parking of vehicles, the Bilal Masjid shall enforce this policy for vehicles parked in the following areas of the Masjid Parking Lot and surrounding areas:

Please do NOT park Vehicles in fire lanes marked with yellow paint and/or signs

Please do NOT park Vehicles in handicapped parking without proper permit

Any vehicle seen in violation of this Parking and Towing Policy is subject to towing and impoundment by an authorized Bilal Masjid contractor. Any expenses and damage occurred as a result is the sole responsibility of the legal owner of the vehicle; Bilal Masjid assumes no liability in such cases.


We ask that people carpool to Bilal Masjid.

We ask that people who live close by should walk to the Masjid.

O ye who believe! Fulfill (all) obligations. Quran [5:1]